Soulgigs Card

Reduce the costs of LIVE music entertainment with a Soulgigs Card.
At just £99.00 (introductory offer) for twelve months an annual pass will allow you to see most of your favourite artists at just a fraction of the cost.
Soulgigs has grown consistently every year for three years. During 2010 Soulgigs delivered N’dambi and Kindred the Family Soul. In 2011 Soulgigs delivered Conya Doss, Adriana Evans, Rahsaan Patterson and Kindred the Family Soul. 2012 saw Soulgigs shows for Joyce Sims, Syleena Johnson, Melba Moore, Anthony David, Deborah Bond, Conya Doss, Teedra Moses & Noel Gourdin and Kindred the Family Soul, which repreented 10 artists across 10 Shows.
To have attended each of those events in 2012 including booking fees would have cost in the region of £200.00!

By early 2013 Soulgigs had already put three events on sale in the shape of Chrisette Michele, Teedra Moses and Syleena Johnson with a Ticketmaster average price of £25.00 + £2.50 booking fee representing £82.50 in charges.

With 2013 demonstrating all the hallmarks of another growth year for soulgigs the Soulgigs card represents excellent value for money during a testing financial climate, making sure Soulgigs sure shows remain accessible to the masses. With artists having penned contracts more shows will be announced in the coming weeks for end of April, early May, late May and mid June.

Don’t delay get your soulgigs card today. Please see full terms and conditions and once satisfied email Simon on


Below are the Terms and Conditions for Passes purchased from 1st Janaury 2013.

By purchasing one of the varieties of Soulgigs Annual Pass listed in clause 1 of these Terms and Conditions (“Annual Pass”) you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions of use. These Terms and Conditions are inherent characteristics of every Annual Pass and are independent from and cannot be varied (other than in accordance with clause 31 of these Terms and Conditions) by any other contract relating to an Annual Pass. Purchase and use of an Annual Pass is in accordance with the regulations of each individual Event, copies of which are displayed at each Event or can be obtained online at , please ensure that you agree to be bound by these regulations before purchasing your Annual Pass.
AN ANNUAL PASS WILL ONLY BE VALID WHEN it is USED AND/OR PRESENTED BY THE NAMED HOLDER, it DISPLAYs and it is within the Validity Period (as defined in clause 7). PHOTOCOPIES OF an ANNUAL PASS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Any use OR ATTEMPTED USE of an annual pass in breach of these terms and conditions or the relevant attraction’s Regulations WILL RESULT IN THE ANNUAL PASS BEING revoked without compensation. For the avoidance of doubt, PASS SHARING IS a breach of these terms and conditions and ANY Attempted USE OF AN ANNUAL PASS BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE NAMED Holder, REGARDLESS OF REASON, WILL RESULT IN ACCESS BEING REFUSED AND THE annual PASS BEING REVOKED WITHOUT COMPENSATION TO ANY PERSON INCLUDING THE NAMED holder.
1. The varieties of Annual Pass available for purchase are:
1.1 The Standard Soulgigs Annual Pass; and
1.2 The Premium Soulgigs Annual Pass.
The Standard Soulgigs Annual Pass and Premium Soulgigs Annual Pass may be purchased as an individual Annual Pass.
2. As specified below, these Terms and Conditions will apply differently to the various types of Annual Pass.
3. The Soulgigs venues that are part of the Annual Pass scheme are: all LIVE concert venues which Soulgigs promotes an event at.
4. Each Annual Pass holder will be issued his or her own Annual Pass and will be required to supply the following:
4.1 their first name and surname;
4.2 day and month of birth (year not required);
4.3 their residential address;
4.4 a contact telephone number;
4.5 a contact email address; and.
5. Soulgigs Annual Pass options are as follows:
5.1 (Standard) Pass holder notifies Soulgigs by email of attendance on prior to event being sold out. Pass holder will be added to the attendance list.
5.2 5. (Premium) The Premium pass holder will be entitled to a 5 minute meet and greet with the artist, subject to availability, after the performance and signage of CDs.
6.The purchaser of an Annual Pass must be 18 years or over (and if purchasing an Annual Pass on behalf of a minor as part of a Family Annual Pass the Purchaser confirms that he/she is acting as agent for and on behalf of that minor and that the minor fully understands and agrees to these Terms and Conditions).
7. An Annual Pass entitles the purchaser to admission to the Event for a period of 12 months from the date of issue (“Validity Period”). When an Event is listed twice (same headline artist multiple dates) the pass holder will choose a specific date to attend. Attending the same event twice will be at Soulgigs discretions.
The ‘valid from’ and ‘valid until’ dates will be printed on the Annual Pass card when issued within 28 days of purchase.
8. Soulgigs, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to vary the opening and closing dates of the Events and to close, remove or cancel all or any part of the events for any reason including, but not being limited to technical, health and safety and/or operational reasons or due to special events or private functions. For the avoidance of doubt, the full value or any part of the value of the Annual Pass will not be refunded nor will any compensation be payable if any of the Event becomes unavailable or if any or part of any of the Event is closed or removed from the Annual Pass scheme.
9. NO entry to the Venue before or after designated opening hours which are available from each venue.
10. To use an Annual Pass, the authorised holder must show it at the admissions office, turnstile or other authorised entry point of the Event. The Pass by itself does not give admission to the event. The Pass is only valid when the pass holder notifies Soulgigs of their attendance.
11. All Annual Passes remain the property of and can be withdrawn at any time. Annual Passes are non-transferable and cannot be sold, loaned or given away to or used by a third party. An Annual Pass will automatically be deemed void and shall be revoked without compensation if sold, loaned or given away or if any attempt is made to sell, loan or give away an Annual Pass. Access will be denied to any or all Events in the event of fraud or misuse of the Annual Pass, and the Annual Pass will be withdrawn from any person whose conduct is deemed to be inappropriate in the absolute discretion of Soulgigs. Inappropriate conduct includes, but is not limited to, allowing or assisting a third party to attempt to gain unauthorised or improper access to any Attraction with an Annual Pass of which they are not the valid holder. For the avoidance of doubt no refund will be given in such circumstances.
12. An Annual Pass that is discovered to have been purchased through illegal methods will be revoked without compensation.
13. Possession of an Annual Pass does not guarantee entry to the Event. The management of the relevant event, acting reasonably, reserves the right to refuse admission to the relevant Event for any reason and at any time.
14. Possession or use of the Annual Pass does not guarantee immediate entry to any Event. Access is arranged by notifying soulgigs that an event that has been put on sale is of interest. Soulgigs will endeavour to notify the annual pass holder as quickly as possible. However in the event that an event sells out prior to an expression of interest, no exceptions will be made.
15. Entry to an Event by use of an Annual Pass will not be permitted in the event that a valid Annual Pass cannot be presented for any reason, including, but not being limited to, the Annual Pass being lost, stolen or forgotten. Failure to present a valid Annual Pass will result in a charge of the “on the day” admission rate applicable to the relevant Event, which will be non-refundable. Re-entry to the same Event on the same day requires a hand stamp.
16. A lost, stolen and/or damaged Annual Pass should be reported to Soul gigs immediately.
17. In the event of a lost, stolen and/or damaged Annual Pass, Soulgigs will re-issue a replacement Annual Pass. Replacement Annual Passes will only be issued to the individual whose details have been provided in accordance with clause 4. An administration fee of £10 will be charged for the re-issue of each lost or damaged Annual Pass unless accompanied by a crime reference number.
18. Unless stated otherwise, an Annual Pass cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offer, voucher or advance booking or with any other offer, discount or retail/restaurant incentive.
19. Refunds are not available in any circumstances. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. 2-5. Once an Annual Pass reaches its expiry date the holder will qualify for a 10% reduced renewal rate provided that he or she renews their Annual Pass within 8 weeks of expiry and are able to present their expired card when making the renewal. The new pass’ Validity Period will commence on the ‘valid until’ date of the expired pass.
20. An Annual Pass that is not renewed within 8 weeks of expiration will no longer qualify for the renewal rate and the full price of a new pass will be chargeable.
21. Annual Passes can be used up to and including the ‘valid until’ date.
22. Soulgigs reserves the right to use Annual Pass holder’s details to contact them in relation to service information, including, but not being limited to, information about changes to these Terms and Conditions of use, expiry and/or renewal reminders. Soulgigs also reserves the right to use Annual Pass holder’s details for marketing purposes for its products and events or in relation to any initial public offering (IPO) announcement made by the Soulgigs unless that Annual Pass holder has opted out of receiving such information. If you wish to opt out of receiving such information at any time please contact us by email via or Telephone number 07825 588 867 and say “OPT OUT OF PROMO INFO”
23. Soulgigs shall only use Annual Pass holder’s details under clause 28 in accordance with Soulgigs Privacy Policy which For the avoidance of doubt, agreeing to these Terms and Conditions without “opting out” will be deemed to be an indication of your wish to receive direct marketing material or e-mail updates from Soulgigs
24. Soulgigs is entitled, in its absolute discretion, to change the price payable for its Annual Pass at any time and for any reason and may from time to time offer pricing or promotional offers at specific Events, online, via telephone or through third party channels.
25. Soulgigs reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions by giving Annual Pass holders no less than 30 days’ written notice of such variation by using the details provided in accordance with clause 4.
26. On the presentation of an Annual Pass, Annual Pass holders may receive discounts and/or benefits from third parties. Such third parties are subject to change. Soulgigs is entitled to remove and/or withdraw any or all third party discounts and/or benefits in its absolute discretion at any time and for any reason.
27. Annual pass holders are required to comply with the rules of the venue. The Venue management and staff reserve the right to eject customers that do not meet the rules of the house.
28. Admission can be upgraded to restaurant seats subject to availability. To upgrade to the restaurant the soulgigs card holder must comply with the terms and conditions of the restaurant. For example at the Jazz Cafe, all dinners must order at least a main course.